Cercle International des Amis et Mécènes du Théâtre du Châtelet

CIAM Châtelet is an association dedicated to sponsor funding for the Châtelet Theater.

CIAM Châtelet collaborates with companies and individuals interested in supporting this major institution’s artistic cause and galvanizing its influence in France and across the world.

Upcoming event: participate in our AFCT weekend in Paris from December 4 to 7. For any information, please contact Cathy Morrell
+1 917 406 51 52

Join our friends at the Châtelet

Join those who value the Châtelet’s productions just as much as you do and want to continue making this theater live and create breathtaking artistic performances.

Join CIAM Châtelet through one of our sponsor and individual Circles, and become one of our privileged audience members.

Benefit from the reduced taxes accorded by law to the sponsors.

The law allows sponsor companies to deduct 60% of their sponsorship from their income tax , with a limit of 0,5% of total revenue (without VAT). For individual sponsors, the law allows a tax reduction of 66% of their sponsorship, with a limit of 20% of revenue.

Support the Châtelet Theater

By supporting the Châtelet Theater, you are investing in a theater that is: