Organize your events at the Châtelet and receive your guests in a magnificent theater, rich with 150 years of history.

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Your events at the Châtelet


A must-go of cultural and musical life in Paris, the Theater offers an ideal place for your private conventions, press conferences, cocktail parties and dinners.

For your communication with companies, the CIAM informs and advises you on public relations projects that can be done.

The "Grande Salle"

Jewel of the Second Empire, the Châtelet Theater presents a big Italian style room, lit up by a magnificent crystal chandelier. Its red velvet seats, its walls with hints of red and gold, its ceiling decorated with rosettes add to a unique and prestigious theater room.

La grande salle La grande salle La grande salle


  • 6 floors in the theater room
  • Show Curtain by Gérard Garouste
  • Space for orchestra in front of stage with two possible depths

Dimensions of the stage

  • minimum length: 13.50m
  • maximum length: 22 m
  • depth: 26.75m


  • 2010 seats
  • 6 categories of spots, of which 580 in category 1 and 332 in category 2

The renting of the “Grande Salle” of the Theater in order of routine consists of:

  • installation decor in the morning
  • dress rehearsal in the afternoon
  • show in the evening with welcoming staff and a security staff.
  • ticket office


The "Grand Foyer"

The “Grand Foyer” is a magnificent bronze room with a decorated ceiling and splendid chimney. The adjacent gallery, covered with a modern fresco by Adami, offers views of the Seine, Notre-Dame de Paris, and the Saint-Jacques Tower.

The “Grand Foyer” is an ideal place for your corporate events such as receptions, launch parties, fashion shows, shareholder assemblies, meetings, and conventions. These events can be organized to coordinate with a show, or regardless of the theatrical program.

La grande salle La grande salle La grande salle


  • Length: 25.50 m
  • Width: 7.00 m
  • Surface: 176.40 m²


  • Dinner: 160 seated people (tables of 10)
  • Cocktail: 350 people
  • Concert: 220 people


The "Salon des Glaces"

The "Salon des Glaces" is a ravishing room filled with paintings dating back to the 19th century that are reflected in the many mirrors that line the walls; offering an adequate space for your cocktails and dinners.

La grande salle La grande salle La grande salle


  • Length: 8.90 m
  • Width: 6.70 m
  • Surface: 60 m²


  • Dinner: 30 seated people
  • Cocktail: 80 people
  • Conference: 40 people


The Nijinski Foyer

This room is the former dance studio of the Theater, in which the windows open up on a breathtaking terrace with a panoramic view of L’île de la Cité, the Saint-Jacques Tower, Notre-Dame and the Seine.

The outside terrace can be used for breakfast or coffee breaks and can be turned into a covered space. There is a vast kitchen space next to the Foyer for catering services.

La grande salle La grande salle La grande salle


  • Length: 25.20 m
  • Width: 6.70 m
  • Surface: 168.84 m²


  • Dinner: 120 seated people
  • Cocktail: 250 people (+100 people with terrace)


The Diaghilev Salon

The esthetic modern style of the Diaghilev Salon enables you to organize all sorts of events in which you are able to add your own personal touches thanks to glass frames situated here and there on the walls of the salon. The view on Notre-Dame, the Seine and the Conciergerie will without a doubt impress your guests.


  • Length: 11.61 m
  • Width: 6.29 m
  • Surface: 108 m²


  • Dinner: 40 seated people
  • Cocktail: 100 people
  • Conference: 50 people

All the rooms

The “Grand Foyer”, the Gallery, the “Salon des Glaces” and the Diaghilev Salon together 

It is possible to rent out all these four spaces since they all connect to each other on the same level as the Corbeille, to enable a much bigger event.

Surface: 452m²
Dinner: 250 seated people
Cocktail: 800 people


Exclusive rental of the Theater

If you wish to organize an exceptional event and receive your numerous guests in this luxurious environment, the Châtelet Theater presents its best assets: you can invite up to 2000 people and benefit from all the rooms throughout the different floors.

For more information on how to rent exclusively the different rooms of the Châtelet Theater, please contact us.

Contact :  CIAM Châtelet  +33 1 40 28 29 48

The Debussy Salon

The Debussy Salon is a modern designed room next to the Nijinski Foyer. It disposes of a projector and a flat screen, making it the perfect and ideal place in the Theater to organize conferences, meetings and seminars in small committees for your company.


  • Length: 11.72 m
  • Width: 5.78 m
  • Surface: 70 m²


  • Conference : 30 people