Renovation of the Châtelet Theater

In order to provide its visitors with a more enjoyable environment, the Châtelet is preparing renovation of part of interior spaces.

This renovation will be concentrated on the improvement of public spaces in the Theater in order to refine the lighting and dressing. The architecture of the “Grand Foyer”  and the other targeted spaces, having both historical and personal value, will be conserved as most as possible.

These spaces have been deemed prioritary because they will improve the quality of the reception and of the service provided to our 300 000 yearly audience members. This will also emphasize the traditional artistic positions that form the base of our cultural heritage.

Built as the most modern theater of Europe at the time, the Châtelet is distinguished for its remarkable acoustics and its state-of-the-art machinery which allows audacious special effects.

This emblematic Parisian theater is equally an example of the audiences comfort. The Italian style theater creates a nest in which the spectator can feel a rare proximity to the stage and the artists.

Since its inauguration, the Châtelet has crossed centuries, built up careers and revealed talents, yet the building itself has struggled to maintain itself over the years.

In order to preserve this building situated in the center of Paris and in its own glorious history, we are calling out to our public to help us.

Companies and individuals that want to keep the Châtelet’s heritage at its very best, both culturally and architecturally, help us give back Châtelet’s brightness!

For more information, please contact us.