ConcerTôt - ConcerTea

ConcerTôt - ConcerTea

Because culture is essential in creating and developing one’s personality, one’s behavior in society and because music offers much to children starting at a very young age, the Châtelet Theater established the “ConcerTôt-ConcerTea” on Sundays.

The “ConcerTôt-Concertea” are an original series of concerts with an eclectic program, destined to show to children big and small a wide range of music, spanning baroque to contemporary, passing by jazz, and not forgetting dance or circus.

Prices have been set up accurately to welcome families with many children: € 10 per adult and € 5 per child. Struggling families have free access thanks to associations like “Les Restos du Cœur”, “Le Secours Populaire”, “Sol En Si” or “Emmaüs” and free choice of seating in the Theater have created an accepting audience, which adds to the concert’s originality.

The “ConcerTôt-ConcerTea” programs are one of Jeune Public’s most frequented programs in Paris with 20 000 audience members for the first season, with 8 000 children ages 3 to 15. This concept of education is otherwise unheard of in Paris.


Why partner up with “ConcerTôt-ConcerTea”?

Des concerts gratuits pour les familles modestes

Les ConcerTôt - ConcerTea ont une visée sociale en permettant à un public défavorisé de découvrir des programmes musicaux de qualité.

A friendly public

The festive, stress free and family friendly atmosphere of these concerts allows this diverse public to participate in these concerts feeling welcomed and respected, and this contributes to the success of this project. Going to the concerts and the theater is no longer reserved for the elite crowd, and social biases are replaced with the joy of discovering new cultures.

An exceptional musical quality

The “ConcerTôt-ConcerTea” program is of an extraordinary musical quality incorporating young musicians from the “Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris” with artists, orchestra members and confirmed companies.

Free concerts for underprivileged families

The ”ConcerTôt-ConcerTea” program emphasizes its social focus by allowing an underprivileged public to experience these wonderful concerts.

A program open from September to June

The “ConcerTôt-ConcerTea” program consists of a series of concerts that continue throughout the entire season. Their availability and efficiency is reinforced, resulting in a total audience of 20,000 spectators in 9 months.

A valorizing and efficient communication

By supporting the “ConcerTôt-ConcerTea” program, sponsors can benefit from an insider look into how the program’s communication system functions, which are largely diffused to the entirety of the Theater’s public, consisting of 300 000 spectators per season.

Support us:
€ 5,000 for the production of 1 concert
€ 50,000 for the production of the entire season

€ 3,000 for the free tickets provided to associations for 1 concert
€ 30,000 for the free tickets provided to associations for the entire season